Our Impact

Environmental Impact

At Kigembe Coffee Cooperative, we are conscious of environmental preservation and conservation as to why we do different activities to protect the environment. We have planted grasses on our land to reduce soil erosion and in the long run, to prevent the loss of valuable land to desertification. Besides, we have planted trees on a piece of land for environmental conservation to contribute towards the conservation of natural resources. Last but not least, we have built pits for water collection and pulps. Most important, we have a role of keeping the nature green and fertile.

Social Impact

Kigembe Coffee Cooperative, we do not only ensure the welfare of our members but also the wellbeing of our employees by paying for them the pension premiums. The impact goes beyond the cooperative to the surrounding community whereby we have supported in building schools and other infrastructures. At the individual level, they benefit from us by getting part-time job opportunities hence developing financially. This shows that one of our core aims is to facilitate the community to emerge from one level to another. All in all, we provide the coffee seedlings to the community hence involving more farmers than before.

Our Achievements

As Kigembe cooperative, we are happy to say that in the past 10 years, we have bought land and built three houses which are site offices, equipment room, and stock. We now have the capacity of paying workers with 5 full-time workers and 70 causal workers of which 85% are women. Through various initiatives, we have provided medical insurance to all full-time employees as well as providing the contribution to local schools in our community; and we managed to be awarded by the local government due to our initiative of improving standards of living of farmers as well as the overall community development.

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