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Kigembe coffee cooperative was founded in 2010 as part of the Coffee Initiative program run by Technoserve across East Africa with 100 members and it currently accounts 210 members of which 73 are women. As an emerging cooperative, we have seen tremendous growth over the years through increased capacity in processing up to 345 tons of coffee cherries and more. We have got own coffee plantation of about 1.5 Ha and 3,400 coffee trees. As a cooperative, we are aiming at providing economic support and development for our members and community as a whole.


  •         Southern province
  •         Gisagara district 
  •         Kigembe sector 
  •         Agahabwa village 
  •         Uruhuha cell
  •         Altitude: 1819 m (From 1600 to 1900 meters) 
  •         Soil type: Clay-sandy
  •         Soil pH mean: 5.3
  •         Precipitation range: 1300 to 1400 mm
  •         Temperature range: 17-18 degrees Celsius
  •         Processing system: Wet processing

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+250 784 730 920


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